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Jennifer L.Trotter, Ph.D.
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Welcome to my practice...

Why seek psychotherapy?  
Often people come to therapy looking for support during times of stress or when they need relief from enduring problems or symptoms they may be experiencing.  Others may find that they could benefit from having additional support, or they desire an alternative perspective from someone removed from the immediate situation.  We may find that past attempts to enlist support from family and friends have fallen short or the issues we wish to discuss are too private to be comfortably shared with them, and we need the type of help that a therapist can provide.  

How can psychotherapy help?  
Therapy can provide an opportunity to help identify problems, understand why past attempts to address these problems have been ineffective, and to assist in developing new ways of approaching challenges that arise. Therapy offers a unique space to consider choices available and to begin to take constructive steps toward desired changes. Selecting the right therapist is an important step in making positive changes in one's life.

My approach to psychotherapy:
​I believe that in order for therapy to be effective, it has to be individualized to your specific needs, meaning my approach is flexible and responsive to your unique situation. The type of therapy I practice is meant to engage you in a collaborative working relationship, where your strengths are honored and respected, and we work together to help address the challenges you are experiencing. I place great emphasis on the quality of our working relationship, as such I value your feedback and input over the course of our work together.  During the session I am actively engaged, but that engagement may vary based on your unique set of needs.  For example, some clients may desire more time to share their thoughts in an uninterrupted way, while others may be looking for more immediate support or direction. I try to be respectful of and responsive to what will be helpful to you in session, to assist you in addressing the concerns that brought you to therapy.
Areas of expertise:
I work with adult clients who present with many different concerns, including but not limited to:
  • Depression, sadness
  • Anxiety, nervousness, panic
  • Women's health (pregnancy, infertility, postpartum adjustment)
  • Life transitions (birth, death, relocation, job change)
  • Adjustment to stressful life circumstances (romantic & family relationship problems, divorce, child rearing)
  • Trauma & abuse (sexual assault, intimate partner violence, war-related trauma)
  • Grief & loss
  • Coping with acute or chronic health issues

Insurance Plans Accepted:
  • ​BCBS PPO & Traditional plans and self-pay
  • Out-of-network provider for all PPO plans

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